3 Major Sales Mistakes to Avoid


If you have watched the movie The Wolf of Wall Street (based on a true story), directed by Martin Scorsese, with Leonardo DiCaprio as the main role, you have seen some of the crucial techniques of becoming a true entrepreneur. The express climb up the social and business ladder is not as difficult as some may think, however, it requires knowledge, acquaintances, focus, luck and a high-quality consulting agency.

Watch the video to see the basic skill that anyone in the sales business should have:

1. Create a Solution for a Problem or a Product Which Will Satisfy the Client’s Needs - Otherwise, You Won’t Sell Anything.

The above given motto is the number one mistake that most of the businesses make. According to Grant Cardone (2015), an entrepreneur and international sales expert:

“People and companies buy things only in an attempt to solve a problem. Sales people spend too much time on the offer rather than assuring the buyer that the product, company and individual will solve the problem. This typically results in presentations that are too long and prices that are too low. Focus on how your product and the company can solve the three most critical problems your client is trying to solve.”

While many entrepreneurs make a huge mistake by presenting a product that won’t solve a client’s need or problem, Cadrone advises them to be practical and realistic. Having an objective attitude towards the situation on the market is important in order to get the most out of it. If you are offering a service that nobody needs, your business will definitely fail.

Therefore, it is quite important to thoroughly research the market before starting a business. If not, paying a decent amount of money to a consulting agency to do it for you and help you, is also a good idea. At Taskforce BPO (www.taskforcebpo.com) we have already established teams who will be with you from the very start and help you achieve the goals you dream of.

2. Inability to Seize the Moment and Not Being Urgent.

Beating around the bush instead of presenting your product or idea directly and clearly, will just unnecessarily take all the valuable time and attention of the client. Not making a point from the beginning and prolonging your story will create impatience and anxiety among the listeners. Therefore the most important thing to do is to cut the long story short.

Being confident and emphasizing the urgency for making a deal, may sound a bit risky, but it is the best way to get to an answer.

3. Over-Emphasized Persistence and Over-Confidence are a Major Drawback!

Paying no attention to feedback and stubbornly going into something which definitely doesn’t interest your clients, is a major mistake. Your mindset, which instead of presenting something new and interesting, rather bores the clients, is not going to bring you anything good. Keep in mind that you have to respect the client’s time and personal space, in order your persistence not to come off as nagging.

Being self-confident and believing in yourself is extremely important for you to succeed and be accepted in the highly-competitive world of business. However, having in mind to be yourself and not over exaggerate things is also crucial. It is for the best to have a positive attitude revealing your confidence and success, while at the same time making the client say yes!

Motivation is the Key!

One final thing to inspire you, is the following video from the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, where Leonardo Di Caprio (Jordan Belfort) gives a motivational speech. Nevertheless, those who are willing and certain to succeed, will do so despite the many obstacles that others can’t surmount.