Top 3 Reasons to Outsource Medical Billing


We all are aware of the inherent benefits of outsourcing and the increasing degree to which it has been used in a growing number of industries, bringing about success and greater profits to all parties involved. While there are several things that can be outsourced within the Hospital and Healthcare Industry, whether you transfer administrative tasks, HR, insurance or marketing, medical billing (and coding) should be at the top of your list. Growing these departments in-house and hiring employees will require extra means, space and also add an additional burden to the company’s responsibilities - all of which have a limit.

For that reason, the best option for healthcare facilities or hospitals alike is to collaborate with an outsourcing agency to handle the work more efficiently and cost-friendly. Here are three ways that companies who have worked with an outsourcing company have benefited after transferring their medical billing section to an outside agency.

1. Cost effective solution to obtain certified and professional experts.

One of the main reasons companies choose an outsourcing agency to handle their medical coding and billing are the cost benefits, sparing the company tens of thousands of dollars in employment costs annually. However, we all know that sometimes the cheapest alternative is not the most convenient one, but in this case it actually offers you the best quality in return by guaranteeing certified professional coders (CPCs) and trained professional medical billers. That is a unique pricing-to-quality advantage that only outsourcing agencies can offer due to their low service costs. Since outsourcing companies are often based internationally, it is important to identify countries that offer highly educated and high quality talent for competitive prices.

2. Responsibility of investment, training and staffing falls on the medical billing experts.

If you in-house medical billing experts as a separate department at your company, you will have to invest in recruitment to attract the most talented individuals, equipment in order for your employees to be properly prepared for their job, employee retention and further education so your employees will stay up-to-date with the constantly changing informational landscape of their field. The above mentioned are requirements you will have to continuously invest into in order to have a well functioning medical coding and billing department at your disposal. However, in order to stay ahead of your competition and provide the best quality services to your patients and partners, investing in your medical billing department is a must.

On the other hand, when you collaborate with an outsourcing agency which specializes medical coding and billing, you can be sure that they’ll meet your expectations as their reputation depends on it. The level of education and means the outsourcing agency will be able to invest in their employees will lessen your own burdens and fiscal responsibilities, since equipment, training and staffing will be their concern. The outsourcing agency can give a higher priority to the medical coding and billing division while allowing your doctors, nurses and medical professionals to focus on what is most important; the patients and their experiences.

3. Consistent reporting and cooperation from the medical billing agency.

The medical billing company that you will hire will not only do all the hard work for you, but it will also offer you the chance to gain better insight into the payments that happen on a daily, weekly or monthly level. That is an invaluable benefit which you will gain from their services, meaning you will get the medical billing services including the payment reports for a cost effective price. These consistent reports will help you manage and focus on the important decisions regarding your finances, enabling you to perform quality financial planning and giving you a more precise overall view of your organization’s financial status.