5 Techniques for Thousands of Leads

Thousands Of Leads

If you want your business booming, there are quite a few techniques you could follow. When it comes to outsourcing, it takes a significant effort before the final sale can actually happen. It’s important that you work efficiently so that you can generate some high-quality leads while not paying tons of money or losing tons of time. Don’t be discouraged if connections aren’t turned into sales quickly – be patient and remember that you’re growing your audience and network dramatically!

1. Creativity Is King!

We all get drawn to eye-catching and appealing things on the internet, right? Your Social Media presence should be complete and engaging – make your networks and audience want to follow you. First impressions are truly everythingwhen it comes to attracting a potential lead.

Of all the major social platforms currently vying for the top spots, LinkedIn is the most B2B-centric. It is also considered the most effective in the sales cycle. According to Content Marketing Institute’s ‘2015 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends for North America,’ 63 percent of marketers report positive results in that area.”

“Another report found that 80% of B2B marketers want to increase their LinkedIn use. The same survey said 45 percent of respondents said think their Facebook efforts are ineffective.” (B2BNN article)

Creative social profiles allow you to stand out from the crowd of thousands of competitors. Whether you need a ‘clean and professional’ or ‘quirky and fun’ appearance, take the time to customize the public’s perception of your business.

2. Outsource Extras, Not Essentials

Outsourcing your work will allow your business to focus on its core values, but not all outsourcing is the same – it’s important to find highly-experienced individuals who can seamlessly transition into your company to achieve your goals. To achieve actual access in entering new market areas will not cost you tons of money, instead, outsourcing will cut down your costs and allow your employees to focus on their core tasks. You might be thinking to yourself “What about freelancers?” Keep in mind two things: consistency and loyalty. While freelancers can provide a ‘quick-fix’ solution in times of need, outsourcing provides a stability for you to build your business upon.

  • Increase Your Company’s Efficiency
  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Compliance

Through outsourcing, your employees will be enhanced in a cost effective way by enabling them to remove tedious and time consuming, non-revenue generating tasks from their desks and improve their productivity and effectiveness.

3. The Good, The Bad, and The BEST Leads

Identifying your best leads can be quite a daunting and time consuming job, however, it is not impossible. Therefore, we’ve highlighted two key metrics based on CoBloom’s article to keep in mind:

Choose The Right Marketing Tools

A large number of analytic and functional tools exist, both free and subscription-based, that could provide insight and operations such as form building, e-mail marketing, lead generating and tracking, and so on. Finding the appropriate tool for your business is essential as there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution; every business requires a unique marketing strategy!

Score Leads

Knowing which potential leads are most likely to convert into a sale is very difficult and requires a keen eye to predict. Though no lead should go ignored, it’s important not to ‘waste’ valuable time! The math doesn’t lie, so some key points to consider are:

  • Number of website pageviews
  • Number of website visits
  • Number of emails opened
  • Number of emails clicked
  • Number of forms submitted

While checking the top leads active in the last 30 days, paying attention to the bad leads and reducing them is just as important as identifying good leads. Your inbox can get clogged up with ‘junk’ and phishing messages which are crucial to avoid. It can easily become overwhelming without a proper structure in place to funnel leads into sales or non-sales.

4. Be One With The Blog

Engage into creating a blog where you can present your ideas and inform the readers, which will grow your presence as an expert or thought leader. Establish yourself as an industry leader in order to improve the credibility of yourself and your business. Once the reader is interested and gets valuable information from your blog, they can, for example, sign-up for your newsletter or follow you on Social Media. If you are working with an outsourcing agency, they can create the content for you and save you some time, while offering excellent writing techniques. If your blog is successful, you can later turn it into something greater, such as an e-book which will further grow your audience and encourage the readers to follow the path of your success while gaining professional advice for their own businesses.

SEO optimization is extremely important when considering content creation! Don’t underestimate the power of a strategically placed word. Not only do we want the reader enthralled in what they’re reading, but search engines will rate and rank what they pick up from your articles, so keywords can’t be ignored – nor can they be thrown around willy-nilly. The art of SEO is truly difficult to master yet crucial to every online marketing strategy.

5. Catchy Videos To Catch An Audience

We all agree that the whole marketing process takes up resources, like time and money, which might be a major drawback or restriction to your start-up business. YouTube is a great resource which often gets under-utilized by small-to-medium sized businesses. There are easy ways to turn simple videos into marketing gold in the eyes of your potential customers. Don’t let these opportunities go to waste – come up with short, simply, and fun ways to engage your audience outside of a blog, website, or Social Media platform!