Cleaning the Neighborhood

KEOPS Business Complex and Surrounding Area

Location: Bitola, Macedonia

Date: 9/02/2017

As a socially responsible company, Taskforce BPO isn't solely focused on delivering to our clients high quality services, but also to take our business a step further towards improving the living conditions of the community we live in. Being a good corporate citizen is an essential part of how we do business. Our company has a deep understanding about the importance of improving the living conditions our community. It is very significant for us to demonstrate the great importance of leadership, teamwork and to provide evidence of how much one small effort can have a significant impact on our lives and surroundings.

The first contribution to our community was the cleaning of a large area near the our main Bitola office that took place this past Saturday. To be more specific, the nearby park, including picnic tables, benches and a children's playground, was cleaned up along with the Keops parking lot. These areas are commonly not only by our own employees but our neighboring citizens and and many others.

DSC_7638 (2)

Our efforts not only received praises from local businesses and citizens of the area, but even sparked other employees within our complex as well as citizens to come from their homes and lend a hand. Some brought drinks and snacks while others picked up brooms, duspans and rakes. Our main purpose was to show people that we need to care for the environment in which we live in. In order to create a healthier environment with clean soil and air, we need to take care of it everyday. An effective team works best with everybody's equal effort and contribution.

We hope that this first of many community events will inspire and motivate other corporations in our city, as well as educate our friends, family and neighbors, to join our cause by following our example. Be the leaders of your own future. It is hard for one person to make a change, but when all of us get together we can make a notable impact on our society.

Special gratitude to our local public sanitation department “Komunalec” or supporting our initiative by providing the necessary equipment. We are looking forward to more mutual projects and collaboration in the near future!