Macedonia Emerging as a BPO Delivery Alternative


Original Article by: Peter Ryan, Ryan Strategic Advisory

December 20, 2016

Montreal, Quebec - In a recent article, Peter Ryan of Ryan Strategic Advisory, an established authority on Contact Centers and Outsourcing Advisory, highlights Macedonia, a small European country located in the center of the Balkans, as an emerging outsourcing and BPO destination. A country of around 2 million, Macedonia offers a pro-active stance on business and foreign direct investment through its ever-growing western oriented Government push. From a requirement of its youth to learn English at a young age to Government programs and benefits to help encourage further investment, the country is positioning itself to become one of the most ideal, competitive and promising emerging outsourcing destinations in a climate where traditional BPO destinations are becoming more and more costly every day.

Taskforce BPO aims to provide the highest quality and most competitive BPO services primarily, but not limited to, the Insurance and Healthcare industries in North America. Our cost savings advantage and English language profficiency compared to traditional BPO destinations is unparalleled and provides the United States, Canada, the UK among other native English-speaking nations with an exciting new partnership opportunity.


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