Our aim is to supplement and assist your core business in any way that we can. Therefore, we offer a wide and growing variety of services that will fit your specific needs. Outsourcing can be intimidating and is often percieved to be a risky venture - we completely understand! This is one of the main reasons why we've created an outsourcing solution that combines American standards with European quality, while still maintaining a very competitive edge with other traditional outsourcing destinations!

Insurance Services

We support the insurance industry by providing clients with customized staff augmentation services, social media marketing and sales/lead generation. We are a cost effective solution to enhance your sales and service teams while increasing your bottom line. We enable your employees to remove tedious and time consuming task from their desk and improve their productivity and effectiveness. We allow your team to better serve your clients by providing the following support services:

  • Administrative/Back-Office Support
  • Insurance Policy Checking
  • Electronic Filing/Data Entry
  • Applications/Endorsements
  • Create Loss Run Summaries
  • Order Loss Runs
  • Submit Claims

We provide Insurance BPO with excellent English speaking and hardworking sales and service support technicians at a starting cost of $ 10.00 per hour, TOTAL COST (volume discounts are available).

  • We can lower your costs by up to 50%
  • We provide a customized and flexible service for each of our clients
  • Assigned point person to work with your designated staff to quickly complete all tasks

Let us support you so that you can focus on your core business and grow your company quicker and more efficiently!

Healthcare Services

Our staff of Healthcare professionals provide a variety of services to Healthcare facilities throughout the United States. We currently provide:

  • Medical Coding Services - CPC (Certified Professional Coder) and ICD-10 certified
  • E/M Services
  • Medical Billing
  • Claims Calling
  • Back Office Data Entry

At a starting cost of $11.00 per hour, we can save Healthcare and Urgent Care facilities tens of thousands of dollars every year while improving the quality of their services!

Information Technology (IT) Services

Our IT team has extensive experience and knowledge, offering a wide array of services at a competitive price. Some of the primary services offered include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Software development
  • Website development
  • Mobile App development

Our team can save your company up to 50% of what you would pay competitors in your local market, all while improving quality and reaching your goals!

Project Management Services

Taskforce BPO's Project Management Team can help organize and focus your efforts in an efficient and professional manner.

  • Quality Control/Quality Assurance
  • Compliance
  • Audits
  • and more...

Contact our Project Management specialist today to find out how your company can benefit and significantly cut costs by working with Taskforce BPO!

Sales and Marketing Services

Our Sales and Marketing specialists will establish and grow your online presence and networks, attract and generate new sales leads, develop your online company brand and grow marketing efforts!

  • Creating a New List in Email Marketing Software
  • Adding and Removing Subscribers from Lists
  • Creating and Scheduling Broadcast Emails to Promote Content
  • Prospecting via LinkedIn
  • Executing multi-touch sales/lead generation campaigns via LinkedIn
  • Social Media Management Tasks (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc)
  • Creating Social Media Accounts/Pages
  • Social Media Management
  • Promoting Accounts/Pages
  • Cold Calling and Cold Emails

Administrative and General Virtual Assistant Services

Taskforce BPO can assist your company with an non-essential daily tasks that take away from your time to perform core business duties. Some of the tasks and services we offer include:

Email & Schedule Management Tasks

  • Filtering Emails / Managing Spam
  • Database Building / Updating Contacts or CRM
  • Answering Customer Service Emails /Tickets / Chat Support
  • Sending of Greetings eCards, Event Invitations, etc.
  • Calendar Management

File Storage & Organization Tasks

  • Dropbox / Google Drive Organization
  • Data Entry in Word, or Google Docs
  • Creating / Managing Spreadsheets
  • Preparing Powerpoint / keynote Presentations
  • PDF Conversion, Splitting and Merging

Administrative & Blogging Tasks

  • Transcription of Video and Audio Files
  • Simple eBook Layout / Formatting
  • Preparing Online Meeting Minutes
  • Report Creation
  • Forms Creation
  • Document Template Creation
  • Online Research
  • Data Mining & Development / Lead Generation
  • Blog Publishing Management
  • Moderating Blog Comments
  • Adding Tags & Images to Blog Posts
  • Sending Client Invoices
  • Basic Bookkeeping (XERO & Quickbooks)
  • Deadline / Deliverables Tracking / Action Item Tracking

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